4 Must Have PyCharm Plugins

4 Must Have PyCharm Plugins

We recently published an article about 6 useful chrome extensions for designers, and now we are similarly presenting you 4 useful PyCharm plugins for every developer. We tried them and recommend you the same.

Material Theme UI

Feeling bored of the looks of your IDE? Then this is the right plugin for you, it has a lot of modification options and if your IDE looks nice it’s easier to spend the day coding, right? By default, over 15 themes are built-in that can be changed with a single mouse click, the transition between the two themes is smooth and fast. Some of the themes are well known: Monokai theme, GitHub theme, Dracula theme… If you don’t find theme by your preferences there is a Custom Theme option so you can build your coding environment all by yourself.


Downloads: 9.1M

Material Theme UI Example

Rainbow Brackets

Every developer has faced the “SyntaxError” exception at least once in their life. This plugin won’t fix all your syntax issues but at least you won’t be having a hard time fixing (removing, inserting) those annoying brackets. It clearly indicates the same brackets and thus reduces the possibility of error. At first it’s pleasing to the eye and if you are ready to get used to have modifications in the GUI you will save valuable time while coding. Also, Rainbow Brackets is plug’n’play and does not require any additional modifications.


Downloads: 3.4M

Docker Plugin

Docker is a container that wraps code so that the application runs quickly and reliably. We can imagine the container as a process with enough user space isolation to give the impression of a separate application, it works by gathering all the requirements and code needed for the application to run and save it in a single Docker file. To make long story short, it solves “but it worked on my computer” type of problems. Of course, the Docker plugin definitely had to enter this list of plugins.


Downloads: 2.8M

Docker Logo


Every developer has had to come across a git, and most of the developers use it on a daily basis, so I would recommend a GitToolBox because there is nothing worse than fixing problems with a git. This plugin extends Git Integration with additional features and makes sure you don’t make unnecessary mistakes. It is intuitive and easy to use.


Downloads: 1.5M

GitToolBox Logo
Manuel Matošević