Orion Labs rockets launched to space

3, 2, 1… LIFT OFF!

It’s all about that feeling when you launch something new. Now it’s time for us. Orion Labs has just officially started as a Design & Development agency, and much, much more. And it’s a great feeling for all of us because we are so hyped that we can finally use all of our past experiences, knowledge, skills, and creativity to help you get that same feeling we are having right now

Our team of five people is specialized in a variety of fields such as software development, digital marketing, and graphic design. By combining these areas we can achieve very advanced, innovative, and creative solutions tailored just for your business.

We currently live in a digital era. Not having an appropriate website is like not having a phone number, which results in customers trusting you less. So, do you need a website? The same thing is with your marketing strategy. Did you know that marketing strategy done right can boost your profits up to a few times more than they are right now? In combination with a great branding strategy, you could be recognized not just locally but globally. There’s always room for improvement and we are here ready to help you with that, ready to grow your business beyond any limits. If it’s only a website, webshop, or a full CRM system talk to us. Even if you have ideas involving advanced software solutions such as AI systems or machine learning we are the right team for you. This also applies to digital marketing and branding services through which we can set up the right strategy and help you raise your brand awareness, sell more products, or create a bigger community around your business. We are covered even in the area of architecture and interior design. Our team provides 3D modeling, rendering and final visualisations for any kinds of spaces and objects done in the most advanced software. We are with you from your first sketch.

A lot of interesting things are coming from us soon and you’ll get a chance to see all of them on our website and social media. If you want to be part of that story whether as a client or partner or anything else that crosses your mind feel free to say hello to us and we will answer pumped as always!

Erik Matošević